Poll: Should I do the 3-day novel contest?

I recently found out that I hadn’t (yet again) missed the 3-day novel contest. For those who aren’t familiar with this contest, it’s a $50 entry fee and then you write a novel, at least 100 manuscript pages in length entirely over the labour day weekend.

I’ve read one novel which was a product of the contest and quite liked it. But in general I’m just not sure whether to participate this year.

Registration ends on August 30.

So I have a few choices. I could pay the $50 and register. I could do the challenge but not formally enter the contest or I could just stick to my current writing tasks.

I’m really divided, so here’s where I’m asking for help.

Do you have a past experience with the 3-day novel contest? Have you participated before or do you know somebody who does? Would you recommend it for somebody who has previously completed several novel length works (including one which is in the pipeline to come out in 2014) or is it more for the NaNoWriMo crowd?

Help me out, participate in the poll and leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this contest.

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