The best part about Daredevil is Vanessa Marianna Fisk

I kind of wanted to write something about Daredevil but damn if Angel Keeley didn’t go and write something pretty much perfect first. So I’m reblogging it here.

Angela Keeley: Dirty Bibliophile

WARNING: If you haven’t watched all of Daredevil and are worried about spoilers keep away.
WARNING: Strong language WILL be used. I have warned you.


I am coming at this from the perspective of having read very little about Daredevil as a kid. The Avengers and X-Men were pretty much my Superhero bread and butter with Matt Murdock making the occasional appearance. However, I am lucky enough to be married to a comic book aficionado who has been able to give me some great insight into the print version of Daredevil.

Daredevil  is preeeeeetty interesting for a lot of reasons.

1. They totally blow Marvel’s weird unspoken rule of classy superhero violence and show Matt Murdock getting his ass royally kicked with him ending up being a beaten piece of street-meat the same way any of us would if we had some cool martial arts training but no X-gene or Super Serum…

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