The Obligatory Award Eligibility Post 2023

As it is once again That Time of the Year I regret to inform you I’m putting together an award eligibility post. Currently my work is eligible in most genre media awards excluding the Nebula awards as I am not, and have no intention of becoming, a member of SFWA. As a Canadian I hold the Aurora Awards in particular regard and would especially appreciate support in those awards.

If an award category is best suited to a single essay such as in a fan writing category I would ask that you nominate Notes on Squeecore. This is certainly one of my most widely read essays as well as being one of my most notorious ones. I also like to think it’s a decent work of literary and culture criticism.

If an award category is best suited to nominating a fan / amateur publication then you may wish to nominate as a whole.

If an award includes a creative non-fiction category I would ask you to nominate Preliminary Notes on a Disaster – my meditation on temporality and grief.

I was a guest on two podcasts this year: The Left Hand of Le Guin (episodes one and two) and Rite Gud – Writing Beyond the End of History and I would encourage people to nominate these two podcasts independent of my own eligibility as a guest.

See you in December

I’m writing a lot this month but it’s all fiction. That’s right – I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year. As of the time of writing I’m at 5,035 words in-month and it’s day 4. Anyway the blog is on hiatus until the end of the month so I can concentrate on the novel manuscript. With that said I do have two articles out in the world that might come out soon so keep your eyes peeled. Other than that see you in December where I’m planning to put up my review of Ken Liu‘s bulging theory-fiction fantasy novel The Wall of Storms and a piece on Stranger Things, D&D and ludo-narrative.