The Orson Scott Card / Ender’s Game Boycott

If you’re involved in the speculative fiction scene you’ve probably seen a lot of talk this week regarding a boycott of Ender’s Game. You’ve probably also heard about Orson Scott Card’s request for “tolerance.”

Chuck Wendig has done a terrific job of laying out why this is bullcrap on his Terribleminds blog. Rather than just repeating what  he had to say I’ll wait here while you go read it…

Ok, so there’s all that. And, for the record I agree 100% with Wendig regarding his arguments on this issue. However there’s another reason to avoid OSC and it’s my original reason for disliking Ender’s Game.

That’s the child soldier issue. This isn’t a matter of the Hunger Games, where the antagonists force a minor on the very cusp of adulthood into a situation where she must fight. Rather this is one where the protagonist is deliberately recruited and used as a child soldier… to save all mankind.

I am filled with a certain level of disgust by the concept of the book. I was uncomfortable with it when I read it as a young man and I remain uncomfortable with it now. Even if OSC were not intolerant I’d not go to see Ender’s Game because I don’t want to pay money for a movie so uncritical of the use of child soldiers.

So I’m going to boycott Ender’s Game. I would have even if not for Card’s long history of bigotry. And I’m going to ask you this. Instead of going to see Ender’s Game I propose you make a small donation, equal to the cost of the movie ticket in your local theaters to War Child – an organization dedicated to helping children affected by war.

You can donate to them here.

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